In the mid 1980’s Christopher Beaumont was studying medicine and found himself absorbed more in creating beautiful images from under the microscope than creating diagrams. This brought about a change in direction and he started studying art at night school and later at the VCA. His paintings are not merely photographic reproductions but have an inner life and glow of their own. He has been influenced by the Italian painter Caravaggio and Spanish painters such as Chardin and Goya, he admires their painterly skills and techniques. Keeping within the tradition of “still life”  he also likes to paint humble and everyday objects as his subject matter, namely food e.g cherries, zucchinis, lemons, or all the ingredients for chicken stock etc

Chris follows a traditional and methodical process of arriving at his finished works.He sets up a still life in his studio which is then drawn and  photographed as a reference, often against a black background in a darkened room. Once the perfect composition and lighting is achieved the painted surface is treated with a warm ground of Burnt Sienna and the objects then chalked in. To achieve the luminous black background numerous layers of vermillion and green are layered giving it depth. The objects are created using many  layers of paint also built up to the required effect. On average a painting will take many months to complete. Chris Beaumont is trying  constantly make his work “new” , he plays with composition, has a  narrative and it is of utmost importance to him that his work “breathes and is alive”.

A meticulous artist that strives within the “still life ” genre to have a new take on everyday objects and the environment in which he places them.


“Still life with Lemons and leaves”

Chris Beaumont

oil on linen 41 x 51 com