A couple of weeks ago the art students at Chisholm Frankston had the privilege of listening to Melbourne artist Bill Hay present an overview of his artistic career which spans over 35 years.. He cited “family” as being key to giving you the “licence” to go ahead with your artistic pursuit and that you do end up spending a lot of time in your own head.

His work is often a response to everyday events , the news and current issues or a comment on social behaviours. He encouraged us to cross over the disciplines and put your work together however you like. Something that is evident from his own method of working. He has merged all the disciplines,  painting, sculpture and printmaking etc… He also commented that it is necessary to be prepared to take risks and chances and not have the end result in mind but to leave it “open” as it’s an evolutionary process . Bill says “You  need to be in the position that you don’t know where it is going, this can lead to discovering something about yourself”. He showed examples where his work had grown from one state to another e.g one canvas being added to and then another added to that.

Other influences on his work include travel, where doors are opened to your thinking and perceptions of others plus local issues and concerns also provide subject matter for Bill Hay. It was inspiring to see an artist who maintains keeping his work fresh and alive and is totally immersed in his community


“Allan Mitelman”

by Bill Hay

oil on Panel 183 x 183 cam

Archibald Finalist 2005