Sculptor Lisa Roet’s work has been an evolutionary process in itself. She maintains the school of thought “of the purity of making art”. Her fascination with primates spans her entire artistic career where she combines both science and art.  She has worked extensively throughout the world in zoos studying monkeys, gibbons, apes and gorillas. Where she considers “what makes “us” primates “, the methods of communication used and our many other similarities. Themes have a common thread and range from “heart and love’ “beauty and the beast” “creation vs evolution and “heartbeats”.  Her body of work includes bronze, stained glass, video, photography , printmaking and recently a new media called “musion” a cutting edge digital type film. Parts of the primates bodies have featured in all media especially the finger , a death mask and primate hands where the palm and finger placement are of real interest to her. Lisa also has a collection of gorilla suits which also feature in her work where she reflects upon the fashion industry. Lisa Roet seems to never tire of her subject matter and is constantly re-invigorating her ideas about nature and our relationship between primates and humans, love and the heart. Her continued versatility and enthusiasm to embrace all materials and explore their possibilities is inspiring.

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