Jason Waterhouse’s artistic career spans over the past 20 years, his early work sculptural was primarily dealing with more formal elements of balance and the improbability of balance of certain objects. He was largely concerned about the “truth” of the materials which saw him achieve real success in sales in the public arena.

Then over the past few years we see a shift from that concern to objects and how they function….e,g  caravans, cars, skateboards…. he admits he is a real “car fanatic “. This new interest is of functionality and in changing them by “adding to” rather than “taking away.” “Glory Days” at the McLelland Sculpture Park is a good example of this where he takes a car and twists the front of a car up onto a plinth, an absolutely improbable skew to the vehicle. He remodels objects e.g cars, pencils, skateboards etc…primarily using bog normally used in panel beating …. e.g  taking two halves of a pencil and creating a twist in the middle as seen in the sculpture below from Pencil Series of 2012. He loves to “play” and adds a sense of humour to the work. Playing with our senses of what we expect something to be , or should be, he plays with our sense of reality.

Jason Waterhouse is not afraid to speak out at the pretentiousness that surrounds the art world but recognises it is a necessary evil to “make it’ in a sense. A passionate artist who is driven to produce his work or would go crazy. He can talk the talk !

glory_days_04                                                            “Glory Days” at McLelland Sculpture Parkjason_waterhouse_pencil3                                                                          “Pencil Series” 2012