I really enjoyed this movie directed and produced by Tim Burton.  It portrays the rise to fame and acclaim of Walter Keane with the “Big Eyes” paintings of waifs. Living under the pretext that he was the creator of these works while his wife Margaret Keane secretly produced the works in her studio.

It seemed she was a victim of circumstance and once the lie was told seemed impossible for her to reveal she was the true creator of the paintings.. Walter with his charming entrepreneurial personality rose to great heights in popularity and instigated the production of multiple prints of the waifs. The commercialisation of the paintings making it even more accessible to the wider public. But he also took on a more sinister controlling manner and finally Margaret makes a break from his hold over her and finds the courage to step away and address the “lie” though a court case. Which she won. The movie attempts to deal with the dilemma of Margaret not personally receiving the acclaim she deserves but more with Walters shrewd self invention and ego. Well worth viewing.