Kerry Spokes is an artist and co-owner of the Gecko Gallery in Fish Creek, Victoria.  Kerry is a prolific and dedicated artist,   passionate about her own art and also promoting others. Her latest show called “blown off course” now showing at the Gecko is testament to her diversity and skill in many disciplines. The title refers to how even though you may choose a path you can, and often be blown off course… things come up and we may need to diverge from the course, change can be a positive and a good thing……. but the title also refers to how mankind is losing its way . The falling man who appears in many of the works is a symbol of this … he’s floating… he’s flying but primarily he’s a symbol of hope.

Kerry’s inspiration stems from a number of sources ….the local landscape , the scientific and a love of the old especially retro type images which she say she likes  to “twist and do silly things with”. Her iPhone images which she has been working with over the past 5 years are also represented here in the show. She always has a narrative or story happening in all of her works and this evident in these quirky manipulated images.

Amongst other work in the show you will find large carbon and charcoal drawings, painted tin images, mono-prints that are collaged and drawn into plus photo grauvre prints (which is  a photographic etching). Also included are a series of water-colours that Kerry did a few years ago, a comment on the glorification of war.  When she saw the state funeral for the first soldier killed in Afghanistan she was compelled to create these works representing the horror of war but framed in a delicate vignette of flowers.

Kerry’s tireless commitment is evident in this show, her enthusiasm for creating never seems to wane, plus  she is a great ambassador for art in South Gippsland and a driving force for art in the community.


 IMG_1594        Kerry Spokes in front of one of her large carbon and charcoal drawings.