Tucked away in a tidy little nook, on Progress Street, Mornington you’ll find a young illustrator Melanie Matthews. Melanie attended Chisholm studying illustration and has since over the past 6 years set up her own business as a full-time illustrator. Her past work includes children’s book, comics , children’s activity books , advertisements and fantasy type book covers to name a few . Often working to incredibly tight time frames Melanie has a constant stream of work and “yes” you are able to make a living out of it. She did advise however, the need to manage your money so you have something to live on when the flow of work can trickle,  plus of course the need to always have money put aside for tax ! .

Melanie mentioned she hardly ever does any traditional drawing… pen on paper etc but uses a Wacom to create her images on. I got the feeling she would like to get back into using traditional media, and even has an easel at the ready ! Most contact with clients is handled through her agent Jacky Winter and this takes a lot of the stress out of the business , enabling her to focus on the job at hand . The agents do the job of matching clients with illustrators and handle all the calls, the need for revisions etc. They take a chunk of your earnings but Melanie explained it is well worth it.  Melanie seems to have made a fantastic start to her illustration career and it is obvious she is committed to producing work of a high standard and has a reputation for keeping to demanding schedules.

Melanie Matthews 1

Melani Matthews 2