Artist and Tutor at Chisholm,  Philip Faulks was born in England and then moved to Australia in the 1970’s.  Philip was determined to become an artist at an early age and attended the VCA to study painting. He had a strong interest in tribal, indigenous and medieval imagery and by the time he was in his 20’s he was interested in the narrative of what connects us as individuals and our sense of belonging. This has been a constant in his work plus history, current events, media and news, they all feature in his image making. He makes comments on the art world, the ambiguity of language using metaphors and he constantly draws upon the natural world.

He often works in blocks of approximately 5 years using different materials and has gone through phases of painting, ink drawings, relief carvings with his latest material being paper as paper cuts. which he started cutting 4 years ago, He always starts with drawing, this is fundamental to his art making  and then this leads to the paper cutting. The exhibition “Map of Melbourne” was followed by a recent collaborative exhibition in China with two famous Chinese Paper cut artists who have a long history with this art form. Philip’s connectedness and engagement with what is current in society is really interesting and how he carries this through into his work. His questioning and commentary on issues is thought provoking.

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