Kristin Headlam has been pondering  her past lately and the making of an artist, she reflected upon her early art interests and admitted a little embarrassedly that during her childhood she loved horses and drew them continuously but also remembered as a four year old she was fascinated with drapery in art books and marvelled that painting can transform something as simple as a blanket into something transcendent . Drapery later became one of her central concerns in her Brides and Photography series…… the defining of a shape, the mask and the reveal etc.

She had a short stint at the VCA in 1980-81 where “look and put” was her practice at the time.This was followed by a 3 1/2 year stint living in Bangkok but then back to Melbourne in 1986. Her art she states has gone in phases and the “look and Put’ then became  something more  metaphysical.  The symbolism of the wedding party posing for photographers amongst perfectly manicured gardens and parks interested her …. the symbolism of the “future”.

After Brides in 2000 she started to think about newspaper photography and the narrative of the image. Then followed politicians and then portraiture as she wanted to paint directly from the object. Lately her own garden features in her work , views into the backyard and the effects of the changing seasons.  She is now working on patterns and poems interpreting her own life through them.  Kristin Headlam has produced an incredible solid body of work  which reflects her inner questioning and reflections. it is no wonder she has won numerous art prizes over the years.

Kristin Headlam