Prudence Flint portrays women with a majestic solidity that gives gravity and presence to the figure. The figures take up space and sit firmly in their own world. A world which is reduced to the bare minimum, devoid of embellishments. The figure is always preoccupied with some task e.g sewing a button, reading a book, or cooking. The activity of the mundane is taken to another level where we enter  a world which is quiet and totally absorbing. She feels women’s bodies are policed constantly , that we are hyper aware of women’s bodies and being a woman you’re in  male dream. Her figures subsequently make no effort to idealise the female form and are slightly altered to fit the composition of each work, elongation and weight are added to give the figure the correct balance, so it sits in the work. Generally working in series she embraces all aspects of life from the bathroom to the library to the kitchen but also empowering women to other occupations such as driver, aviator etc. Prue captures a moment in time not unlike the figures in a  Vermeer or a Hopper .  She says “colour is like music, having loud notes and quiet notes. and has spent years working on her colour palette, mixing complimentary colour in all her work. and states once it has a “harmony and calm ” it is complete. Her work has  a mellow harmonious feel where each element has been thoughtfully considered, weighed and placed.