Janette Goodey and John Lewis embarked on a project …a  film and  “charm” was the number one motivation. John’s initial sentence about Percival Pilts was the starting point and later on a drawing of a Giraffe created its direction….. that of Percival Pilts who spends his life on stilts. The application to Screen Australia involved presenting a script, budget and the technical processes required. Very rough story boards , quick doodlings and drawing everything that came to mind were the beginnings of their creative process. Then it required them to be “jack of all trades’ as they developed their characters, backgrounds, props and effects.  Marquettes were made with a polymer clay and costumes created with every conceivable fabric in miniature. They never dreamed it would take them 3 years to complete and coming out wealthy is not a result of this but this beautiful, humorous and charming film are worth much more than that