Well after 9 months the birth of our Exhibition “Shameless” has happened.  Currently on at Brightspace Gallery, 8 Martin St in St Kilda until the 31st October.

Brightspace Gallery is aptly named as it really is a bright space …being upstairs it has great lighting and an excellent vibe .

The exhibition is a showcase of the work undertaken by the Advanced Diploma of Illustration students at Chisholm in Frankston. An exhibition that has varied subject matter from portraits, animals,  maps, fruit and even monsters and shows the talent and skills of the students in their use of ink, graphite, watercolour and digital media.  On Wednesday evening it was opened  by Jody Pratt, artist / illustrator and president of the Illustrators Australia who gave pertinent advice on knowing your worth and never undervaluing your work,  she also stressed finishing  the course is a great base to start from and now it is a case of building up an excellent portfolio and making yourself known.

The tutors of the course are well practised at staging the yearly exhibition and have worked out an excellent system for matting and framing the works to create a consistent and professional presentation. Big thanks to all their hard work and dedication especially Fran and Amanda who work tirelessly to make sure everyone is well represented.  Next stage is the Industry night next week where the students are interviewed by professionals from the illustration industry who will give advice whilst looking at their portfolios.  It will be so valuable to get some feedback and advice from them


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