A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Kelvin Hawley an artist who lives in Brisbane. I was greeted with a welcoming broad smile and an infectious enthusiasm for all things art. He loves to paint and has perfected and fine tuned his technique in portraiture over the years.  Kelvin was so willing to share with me some of his tips on using colours and application of oil paints. He has had  along career in the arts having studied graphic design after leaving school,  he then went on to  illustrate over a 1000 children’s  books , work as a conceptual designer,  set up a Lazer Skirmish Co, had  a “near death experience” and ultimately recover from that. His varied career has always been deeply rooted in art in one form or another. In his early years he had the honour of being guided by Raymond Ching a New Zealand born internationally famous wildlife painter. He had a profound effect  “he made me think differently and  how to approach subject matter” and “how to look at doing projects on a different scale ” says Kelvin. Raymond Ching encouraged him to also pass on the lessons he learnt from him. Residing in Brisbane in the lovely Scarborough area Kelvin has had about 20 exhibitions and continues to constantly hone his skills. Always studying and practising his painting, Kelvin is never idle and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping others to achieve their artistic dreams. I really look forward to spending some time over the summer again with Kelvin, learning more about portraiture and his techniques. Check Kelvin out on Facebook ….  https://www.facebook.com/KelvinHawley


Kelvin Hawley

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A couple of his paintings