What really intrigues me are the steps an artist takes to create an artwork, the preliminary drawings, the colour studies etc.  I really love seeing an artist's process and all the steps in producing a drawing, painting, print or  sculpture.  "Chico" was a recent entry in a local portrait show and the photos show a [...]

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2016 National Works on Paper

I had the opportunity last week to view the National Works on Paper exhibiting at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery and was blown away by the variety of techniques and media used....... from pencil and charcoal to collage, etching, lithographs  and video just to name but a few. The versatility and scope of the work [...]

Industry Night

As part of our course the tutors of Illustration arrange an interview session where we have the opportunity to show our portfolios and sketchbooks to professional illustrators and people in publishing. So last night armed with our business cards and work produced over the past few months we met at Brightspace gallery where everyone  could also [...]

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Kelvin Hawley

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Kelvin Hawley an artist who lives in Brisbane. I was greeted with a welcoming broad smile and an infectious enthusiasm for all things art. He loves to paint and has perfected and fine tuned his technique in portraiture over the years.  Kelvin was so [...]

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Shameless Exhibiton at Brightspace Gallery, St Kilda

Well after 9 months the birth of our Exhibition "Shameless" has happened.  Currently on at Brightspace Gallery, 8 Martin St in St Kilda until the 31st October. Brightspace Gallery is aptly named as it really is a bright space ...being upstairs it has great lighting and an excellent vibe . The exhibition is a showcase of the [...]

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Percival Pilts

Janette Goodey and John Lewis embarked on a project ...a  film and  "charm" was the number one motivation. John's initial sentence about Percival Pilts was the starting point and later on a drawing of a Giraffe created its direction..... that of Percival Pilts who spends his life on stilts. The application to Screen Australia involved presenting a [...]

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Shaun Tan and Kitty Crowther at the Melbourne Writers Festival

I only attended one talk this year and was so glad not to miss it... my all time favourite illustrator Shaun Tan was interviewed along with Kitty Crowther a Belgium illustrator. They both have won the Astrid Lindgren Prize for Children's literature. Both super talented and articulate. Kitty Crowther  had her first picture book published [...]

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Glenn Morgan – Social Commentator

Repurposed frames, scraps of timber, dolly pegs and recycled materials have all became a vehicle for Glenn Morgan's commentary on things personal, political and global. Glenn presents himself in a no frills manner with frank dialogue that is loaded with humour. He makes comments on the human condition in a simple, straight and to the point manner. Most of his [...]

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“When you’re a woman you’re in a male dream”

Prudence Flint portrays women with a majestic solidity that gives gravity and presence to the figure. The figures take up space and sit firmly in their own world. A world which is reduced to the bare minimum, devoid of embellishments. The figure is always preoccupied with some task e.g sewing a button, reading a book, [...]

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